Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Steam Roller Printing

OK so it was more of a challenge than I had expected. It's hard work on your hands and knees inking up a 8 x 4 ft collographic printing plate - a task not always encouraged by the workmen in the plant hire yard.
Nevertheless, with the help of CarolAnn and Pippah [work placement students], we produced a large, subtle print onto fabric. There are a few photos here, but more on the Facebook fan page. Take a look...

The piece will be 'work in progress' during HOST the open studio trail. Radiant Works is open to the public 19/20 September, 11am - 5pm come along and take a closer look!


  1. OK, you got me interested :-) will look out for you at Harrogate.

  2. Please do - I'm TG530, which is in the main gallery hall. You can see the outcomes in the 'flesh' and let me know what you think.
    I look forward to meeting you.

  3. Yeah - hard work too inking up a 8 x 4 ft plate - it took us hours. Luckily I had some help - I could never have managed it on my own! Really enjoyed my coffee and cake that afternoon!


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