Monday, 31 December 2012

Workshop SALE!!! £20 off

To kick start the New Year on a creative high, I'd like to offer you a fabulous workshop discount.
My ONLINE Silk Screen Printing workshop has been a great hit over the last year.  Now there's £20 off so you can enjoy the delights of printing your own fabric at home.
Stencil printing
Be quick this offer ends on 20th Jan...

Monday, 17 December 2012

Latest Commissioin

The commissioning process can be daunting for some people but good communication is the key.
I’ve been working on a lovely commission recently.  A customer got in touch after seeing some close up images of recent work on my website.  Unfortunatley for her the pieces she liked were already sold, but we chatted via email and I found out exactly what interested her plus I was able to see images of the room the piece is intended for – as well as the other striking artwork in the room.
I always think that something on the chimney breast, that is strong with blacky/inky blue and some generous sharp lines would stand up to the other picture without it all looking too busy; and you can appreciate the subtleties as you walk a bit closer.”
From this information I created 2 initial pieces: images were sent and some rough print outs made to place on the chosen wall so that the final decision could be made.
This is the selected print – a mono print landscape.
“So no. 2 it is;  that feels like a cliff or a coastline and we both adore the Atlantic Coast in Brittany and further South.  And those swerving lines are really beautiful – the other details remain a surprise.”
I love the fact that customers make their own associations and connect my work with their own vision of a place.  The commissioning couple have faith in my ability to create and deliver – they have seen and admired my work and are confident in their selection.  I haven’t been compromised in the way I create, but have been able to offer choices to my customers in an unpressurised framework.  It’s an exciting and responsive scenario.
The next stage is to add some stitch…that’s todays job! Then to stretch, title and sign.  The work will be well packaged and delivered via a courier.
Happy customers,  happy Artist.

Friday, 14 December 2012

My last newsletter of 2012...

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Dionne Swift - Textile Artist
Christmas Star
Well the holidays are nearly here and I'm looking forward to some down time.  I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully creative New Year!
Thank you for following my mutterings, visiting my exhibitions and taking part in my workshops :-)
Take good care of your & yours

Dionne xxx
PS. Back in the New Year, refreshed and ready!

Dionne Swift
Textile Artist
12 Cinderhills Road
West Yorkshire
Mobile : 07974 747080
Friday 14 December 2012
Orange scrim
This weekend is the last online shopping weekend before Christmas - so let me make it a little easier for you.
Use MerryXmas at the checkout to get a fabulous discount
Visit site HERE
use by midnight [GMT] on 16th Dec

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

An Award Winning Week!

I was ecstatic  to receive the ‘Outstanding Artist’ award at Holmfirth Art Market  - it’s a huge vote of confidence.  A big THANK YOU to all the Art Market team and all the other lovely exhibitors and visitors too.  My prize is a free stand in June and support from the fabulous Fiona at Happy4pr.
Images copyright Michael J Oakes
Art MArket Outstanding Artist prize

A few days earlier I was proud to receive The Embroidery Magazine Prize at the Open Contemporary Craft Exhibition, Unit Twelve, Stafford – it’s wonderful that my new work is being so well received.
You can now purchase my work online  HERE and there’s a little ‘sale’ area HERE 

Monday, 5 November 2012

November's newsletter: followers offer!

For those of you not yet subscribed to my monthly newsletter - here you go!  There's a money off code for purchases on my website - valid until 1st Dec, so get shopping!!
If you would like to get these newsletters delivered directly to your inbox, please visit my main site & add you details to the box in the lower RHS. :-)
Happy reading, Dionne
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Dionne Swift - Textile Artist
Sky Swoop
"Movement & texture so skillfully captured in paint, print & stitch..." 'Sky Swoop' available from
Developed through a series of sketchbook developments: I love to build layers of imagery and watch their interactions.  This piece is printed with dyes, then opaque pigment finally stitched - but from the I don't always know what's going to happen.
I adore the surpise!  It keeps it fresh and exciting.
Well the 'C' word is creeping into our daily chat and I have to say I'm well prepared - well sort of.  I love to buy wonderful handmade and create gifts for my friends and family: I've been feretting away gems as I've discovered them throughout the year. [not to mention collecting a few special pieces for myself!]
At a fair/event you not only have a nice day out, you meet and chat to talented and creative individuals.  I enjoy supporting my lovely network of making friends who I see at shows and events.  It's wonderful to know who/where/how a piece has been made.  
I'd like to encourage you to enjoy that purchasing experience and enjoy buying gifts this Christmas whilst meeting the creators and discovering the story behind their work.
Buy Handmade....
Stitched landscape detail
Here are a few options where you can buy fabulous work...mine included! :-)
1st - 4th Nov Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead
There's a 241 offer HERE
I have 2 pieces exhibited in to the Contemporary Craft Open Exhibition at Jennifer Collier's gallery: Unit Twelve.  1st - 25th Nov with a PV this Saturday 3rd Nov 2-4pm
Meet me here: 10th/11th Nov Art Market in my home town of Holmfirth. It's the celebratorary 10th edition of this event - don't miss it is gonna be great - I'm making a new stand display and some brand new work!
Meet me here: 30th Nov - 2nd Dec Made by Hand is at Tredegar House, Newport, Wales. Such a beautiful location and stunning work on show. 
I'm also part of a collection of Christmas shows across the country - check out full details  HERE  and HERE  [find links to the specific events]
I hope I'll see you at some of the forthcoming events :-)
Back to the studio now - there's plenty of work to be done to get ready!

Anon...Dionne x

Dionne Swift
Textile Artist
12 Cinderhills Road
West Yorkshire
Mobile : 07974 747080
Friday 2 November 2012
Textile supplies
Overwhelmed with work I now employ my daughter, Ellis, to help out making the kits and packaging the orders for the little 'Textile Supplies' side of life - it's great to have her on board.
We have plans to create a new website for the supplies I use but in the meantime you can purchase everything HERE
I sell the items that I use: simple!
Use GIFT5%OFF to get money off all supply purchases until 1st Dec 2012
Book a workshop
'Painterly Embellishments' workshop 
The longest lasting present, that of a new skill and experience! 
Accessible Screen printing 

Work with me at this studio workshop in Sheffield: Stencils, manutex mono-prints, breakdown printing, flour paste prints
NEW: Drawing for Texiles
NEW: Free Machine Embroidery 

NEW DATE: Paintery Embellsihements
See the full line up with dates and details here.

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Another little award! :-)


I was very pleased to have my work accepted for the Open Contemporary Craft Exhibition at Jennifer Colliers Unit Twelve and even more trilled to have been awarded the Embroidery magazine award by the editor Jo Hall.
Thank you so much!
If you haven’t seen this wonderful exhibition yet please make the effort – you will be well rewarded!  It continues until 25th November.

Friday, 12 October 2012

October newsletter...

I know I don't blog too much, but I do send a regular newsletter to all my subscribers. Click HERE to enjoy my ramblings!!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Learn to silk screen print...ONLINE!

So you can't imagine taking such a practical scenario as an ONLINE workshop - well Jackie did & she loved it:

"The videos are brilliant - very clear and easy to follow. Just enough information to be able to get started without overwhelming my limited brainspace! I have to admit to feeling a bit pressured at first when the workshops came thick and fast, but once I started, I found it was good to have all the information at hand when I needed it, rather than having to wait for more to come, so I think getting it all upfront was great - I just needed to calm myself and do it at my own pace! 

Although I would have liked to be able to do a workshop with other people around (always great to share ideas and experiences), this has been an invaluable alternative - I have certainly been able to take more time perhaps to consider what I have done before I make the next move, without knowing I have to complete it all by the end of the day, so I have probably spent more time on it than I would have done on a workshop. However, I have tried to treat it like one of your studio workshops and learn the techniques without getting bogged down in developing ideas at this stage. The course has been fantastic for this and I have been inspired by what I have learned - I had never done breakdown printing or used flour paste before, and I am wowed by them both - cant wait to develop them further.

It has been a great way to learn the techniques - I can't think of any constructive criticism to give - it has been a well planned and structured programme and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. You mentioned the possibility of other online courses - I would be very interested in learning more!

Great value, great education and great inspiration!!"

Visit for more information and click HERE to book your place on the next course starting in August 2012

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Exciting Exhibitions in June

Next month is an exciting time for Art fairs and Shows. I hope you'll add the dates to your diaries and pop along for a look!

The Art Market

Holmfirth Art Market 10th June

The Contemporary Craft Festival

A Fabulous Craft Festival.  I'm a newbie at this show and incredibly pleased to have been accepted - it will be amazing to be surrounded by best of the countries designers and makers & all in festival atmosphere!

Contemporary Craft Fair

Dulwich Craft Fair Saturday 23rd June
- this is the first time at this event and I'm really excited to have been selected and be showing in the capital!
Dulwich craft Fair 23rd June
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