Monday, 17 December 2012

Latest Commissioin

The commissioning process can be daunting for some people but good communication is the key.
I’ve been working on a lovely commission recently.  A customer got in touch after seeing some close up images of recent work on my website.  Unfortunatley for her the pieces she liked were already sold, but we chatted via email and I found out exactly what interested her plus I was able to see images of the room the piece is intended for – as well as the other striking artwork in the room.
I always think that something on the chimney breast, that is strong with blacky/inky blue and some generous sharp lines would stand up to the other picture without it all looking too busy; and you can appreciate the subtleties as you walk a bit closer.”
From this information I created 2 initial pieces: images were sent and some rough print outs made to place on the chosen wall so that the final decision could be made.
This is the selected print – a mono print landscape.
“So no. 2 it is;  that feels like a cliff or a coastline and we both adore the Atlantic Coast in Brittany and further South.  And those swerving lines are really beautiful – the other details remain a surprise.”
I love the fact that customers make their own associations and connect my work with their own vision of a place.  The commissioning couple have faith in my ability to create and deliver – they have seen and admired my work and are confident in their selection.  I haven’t been compromised in the way I create, but have been able to offer choices to my customers in an unpressurised framework.  It’s an exciting and responsive scenario.
The next stage is to add some stitch…that’s todays job! Then to stretch, title and sign.  The work will be well packaged and delivered via a courier.
Happy customers,  happy Artist.

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  1. I love the freedom and apparent simplicity of your work - especially the pieces on your slide show.


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