Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Learn to silk screen print...ONLINE!

So you can't imagine taking such a practical scenario as an ONLINE workshop - well Jackie did & she loved it:

"The videos are brilliant - very clear and easy to follow. Just enough information to be able to get started without overwhelming my limited brainspace! I have to admit to feeling a bit pressured at first when the workshops came thick and fast, but once I started, I found it was good to have all the information at hand when I needed it, rather than having to wait for more to come, so I think getting it all upfront was great - I just needed to calm myself and do it at my own pace! 

Although I would have liked to be able to do a workshop with other people around (always great to share ideas and experiences), this has been an invaluable alternative - I have certainly been able to take more time perhaps to consider what I have done before I make the next move, without knowing I have to complete it all by the end of the day, so I have probably spent more time on it than I would have done on a workshop. However, I have tried to treat it like one of your studio workshops and learn the techniques without getting bogged down in developing ideas at this stage. The course has been fantastic for this and I have been inspired by what I have learned - I had never done breakdown printing or used flour paste before, and I am wowed by them both - cant wait to develop them further.

It has been a great way to learn the techniques - I can't think of any constructive criticism to give - it has been a well planned and structured programme and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. You mentioned the possibility of other online courses - I would be very interested in learning more!

Great value, great education and great inspiration!!"

Visit www.workshops-online.org for more information and click HERE to book your place on the next course starting in August 2012

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