Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Worthwhile day

Some days you just don't get a whole lot done, others fall beautifully into place & today felt like that.
Visited MMU textile degree shows & was transported back to my days at Goldsmiths. I think it must have been that red brick architecture that gave the place a particular atmosphere! The work was splendid - but no photos to show. I never feel comfortable photographing others work, I'd much rather take memories away - if it affects me enough, it will be retained.
Whilst there, I bumped into Alice Kettle, which is always a lovely collision! Her colleague turned out to be a curator looking for exhibitions & possibly interested in NEW GROUNDS - it would be great if I could extend the tour! Fingers crossed everybody!
That would have been enough to make a wonderful day - nice work & great people! But there were also 2 fabulous phone calls:
The first asking if I could deliver a professional practise talk to the creatives of Art in the Pen/North Yorkshire. The CPD of Artists is a subject I'm hugely passionate about, so I jumped at the chance.
The second for regarding an intriguing commission for a corporate client in Central London. A gallery found be online....all that website work feels like it's worthwhile when it creates exciting leads.
Add to the mix; delivering work to a gallery; another run [now my 4th in 2 weeks] and a delicious BBQ & it's been a jam-packed spot-on day!
Thanks to Fiona for being my exhibition viewing buddy!


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