Thursday, 7 January 2010


It's a New Year & I always get excited about the fresh start that a New Year offers. I have renewed vigour & all the ideas I've been hanging on to in my head can suddenly get put into action [don't know why I have to wait - just do!]. As you'll see from my latest newsletter, I have loads of workshops planned and plenty of exhibitions in the pipe line. But my BIG plan for the year is to write a Devore book - it's been in my thoughts for the last few years & I've distracted myself with other projects! Now I've told folk, I guess I have to do it!I hope to launch the book at The Festival of Quilts: it will work through from the basics of devore to some of the advanced techniques I've developed. There will be information on dying/double dying plus projects to follow & help you gain confidence.
If you've got any suggestions or things you'd like to be covered, do let me know.

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