Thursday, 22 April 2010

Audery's international residency

For the last few months emails have been going back and forth between here and Canada, finalising plans for Audery's visit. For those who don't know Audrey Feltham is a printmaker based in Newfoundland. So keen is she to discover the delights of devore, she's travelling 1000's of miles over to the sunny Huddersfield to learn all I know about textiles! Can I condense it into 1 month when I've been engrossed in cloth and stitches for the last 30 years? Well I'll give it a go - it will be a whistle stop tour!

We have a heavy agenda:
May Bank holiday weekend we are both exhibiting at Printfest.
Following week we are part of 'Stitch' at WYPW, an exhibition bringing together textiles with all forms of printmaking.
Stroud International Textile Festival is the next venue - I'll be running a workshop and Audrey is complimenting this with a professional practice talk.

I want to use my blog for the next month to provide commentary on the visit, I'm going to aim for a update very day or so - that's quite a commitment for me, but I hope you'll enjoy the progress of the residency. Audrey is going to do the same, I'll post a link to her blog when it's up and running. Should be interesting to compare the two!

It's a big thing having a stranger in your studio, for an afternoon never mind a month, and I'll admit I've been very apprehensive. What if we don't get on? But tonight we spoke for the first time on the phone and all my fears have been alleviated - she sounds great, laid back and I can tell May is going to be wonderful - watch this space for the full story of Audrey's residency...

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