Monday, 26 April 2010

One day to go...

Just 24 hours before my new 'student' arrives from Canada. Despite the thousands of miles travelling and voluminous clouds of volcanic ash, Audrey Feltham is on an epic journey of devore discovery! And I can safely say I'm ready for her!!!.
The studio has had a clear out - a full car load went to the tip! It's had a fresh coat of white paint, there's been a furniture re-jig and a lovely collection of new devore fabrics arrived last week.
Now some of the cleaning has been for Audrey's benefit, but I must admit a lot of it has been procrastination & avoidance of a whole series of other jobs I needed to work on! Why is it that I work better under pressure. I would love just once to take everything at a steady pace and enjoy the process, rather than being backed into a corner! I know how to plan and manage my time - I now need to put it into practice in order to avoid the stress!
Having said all that I'm confident I'm on schedule & have work that I'm happy with for Prinfest next weekend. A textiler in a printmaking environment, um that's a slightly uneasy thought [I'll have to blog about that later - must get to the studio & review the latest pieces]

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